django-DefectDojo v1.5.4 rc4 releases: application vulnerability correlation & security orchestration application

DefectDojo is an open-source application vulnerability correlation and security orchestration application. It allows you to manage your application security program, maintain product and application information, schedule scans, triage vulnerabilities and push findings into defect trackers. Consolidate your findings into one source of truth with DefectDojo.


While traceability and metrics are the ultimate end goal, DefectDojo is a bug tracker at its core. Taking advantage of DefectDojo’s Product:Engagement model enables traceability among multiple projects and test cycles and allows for fine-grained reporting.

How does DefectDojo work?

DefectDojo is based on a model that allows the ultimate flexibility in your test tracking needs.

  • Working in DefectDojo starts with a Product Type.
  • Each Product Type can have one or more Products.
  • Each Product can have one or more Engagements.
  • Each Engagement can have one more Tests.
  • Each Test can have one or more Findings.

Changelog v1.5.4 rc4

What’s Changed

  • Entrypoint fix for docker, accessibility and engagement redirect (#1041@aaronweaver


$ git clone
$ cd django-DefectDojo
$ ./setup.bash
$ ./run_dojo.bash

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