What Is It and How to Use It?

Are you in search of a dependable and quality web hosting? is a reliable and up-to-date service that will help the user choose from a range of available options. Browse the website to view the providers to select from; specify the price, disc space, uptime and related factors that matter and will influence your choice. Hrank is an authentic rating system, which is based on analysis, research, and experience. The key advantages of the service include the following:

  • Objectiveness;
  • Modernity;
  • Absence of payments.

Every day, thousands of websites are tracked and tested in order to provide users with the objective statistics of the hosting providers and web servers. Currently, the platform comprises over 300 providers, around 40,000 shared servers and more than 11 million hosted websites.

Factors that Serve the Basis for Hrank Rating

Before making the final choice of hosting providers, it is necessary to understand the key factors that influence the position of the provider in a ranking. They include the following:

  • Uptime;
  • Provided support;
  • Company’s experience;
  • Response time;
  • Cost;
  • Overall usability of the platform;
  • Other factors.

Unlike the vast majority of similar platforms, does not rely only on the uptime check option. Besides, the company doesn’t offer online tools or software that helps to monitor the personal website. Instead, it aims at an objective picture, so it takes into account a range of other factors. Consequently, a user can obtain the most reliable and accurate information with due regard to the past and current performance of the hosting. Choosing the hosting, it is inevitable to
know how long ago it appeared on the market, how often it is down and how professionally and fast the servers respond.

How Does Work? is an easy-to-use, modern and reliable service that provides indispensable assistance to customers who are in search of a reliable provider. Just browse the website to view the available items. You can sort providers by price, uptime and Hrank rating. Additionally, clicking the name of the provider, you will be redirected to its website, gaining an opportunity to learn detailed information about its offers, features, and costs.

To make sure you get the best. Take a brief look at the whole process:

  • Constantly monitor and collect data from the websites and shared servers;
  • Aggregate and analyze the collected data concerning the uptime, response time, and other
  • Browse the website of the hosting company, estimating the overall appearance, design,
    and simplicity of use;
  • Check the support;
  • Search for pricing information, checking all the pitfalls and hidden payments;
  • Compile the review.

What Is the Price Range with

One of the key specifications of includes a free-of-charge service. You will not have to pay any fees or charges to use the platform. However, you need to mind the monthly payment of the server you select. To simplify your task and help you stay aware of the monthly cost of the hosting use, has made a rating of available servers based on their cost. For instance, Exabytes is the cheapest option which costs $0.42 per month, while will charge you $79.95 every month. The price gap is huge, so you need to mind other features and peculiarities of the servers, not only their cost.