WebKit leak: macOS 10.14 will support dark mode

Earlier today, according to WebKit’s code, we discovered that iOS 12 may continue to support iPhone 5s. Now foreign friends have found other information in the WebKit code. First of all, we understand what exactly WebKit is. Webkit is a rendering engine that is mainly used in MacOS and iOS Safari browsers to render web pages. WebKit is an open source project, so it is not surprising that it contains features for future iOS and macOS.

According to the code that appeared in WebKit in March of this year, macOS may usher in a system-level dark mode, namely macOS 10.14. In macOS El Capitan and later systems, Apple has added “dark mode”, which will only turn the dock and menu bar into dark colors, and the application will not turn into dark mode. Although macOS 10.14 may have a dark mode, iOS 12 still doesn’t seem to support it.

Source: 9to5mac