wirespy v0.6 releases: Automate Man In The Middle Attacks over WiFi


Automate Man In The Middle Attacks (MITMAs) over WiFi.

Wirespy allows attackers to set up quick honeypots to carry out MITMAs. Monitoring and logging functionalities are implemented in order to keep records of the victims traffics/activities. Other tools can be used together with Wirespy to furthermore advanced attacks.

Two type of attacks are supported at the moment:

  • Evil twin: Force victims to auto-connect to the honeypot by spoofing a “trusted” hotspot (clone an existing access point and de-authenticate its users to force them to transparently connect to the spoofed honeypot).
  • Honeypot: Set up a simple rogue hotspot and wait for clients to connect.


  • Capture victims’ traffic.
  • MAC address spoofing.
  • Set-up honeypot and evil twin attacks.
  • Show the list of in-range access points.
  • Wireless adapter|card|dongle power amplification.


Work on Kali Linux

git clone https://github.com/AresS31/wirespy.git


$ chmod +x wirespy.sh
$ sudo ./wirespy.sh



Copyright (C) 2015 Alexandre Teyar

Source: https://github.com/AresS31/