diskover-web v1.5.0-rc28: diskover’s web file manager, storage analytics and file search engine

diskover-web is an open source web file manager, disk space usage, storage analytics and file search engine for diskover. It is designed to help you quickly search across your storage servers using your diskover Elasticsearch indices. With diskover-web, you can visualize the file system metadata from your diskover crawls and get better insights into your data by viewing detailed disk usage analytics of your file systems.


It also supports file and directory tagging. Files and directories can be tagged for keep, archive or delete, or with custom tags, and from there you can use the diskover-web API to access file info for any data moving you wish to do.

With “smartsearches” in diskover-web, you can create any ES query and visualize those queries using the smartsearch analytics. Included are some common search queries such as image files, audio, video, documents, etc.

It allows exporting of file lists to json/csv, also the diskover-web REST API can be integrated into your pipeline and used to view or update data, such as tags, in your diskover indices.

It is written in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, jQueryBootstrap and D3.js.


[1.5.0-rc28] – 2019-01-11


  • improved file tree pie chart


git clone https://github.com/shirosaidev/diskover-web.git
cd diskover-web
composer install

or using docker compose

$ docker-compose build && docker-compose up

The services will be exposed in the following port on localhost:

Diskover Web8080


Copyright 2017 Chris Park