Firefox will introduce Testing Firefox Monitor in the future

Mozilla announced today that the future version of Firefox will introduce an exciting feature. This feature is to suggest a security review tool that uses Troy Hunt’s “Have I Been Pwned” (HIBP) database to scan the database of known leaks to verify that the user account is present.

In November last year, the first edition of this feature was first exposed. Mozilla said that HIBP is accessed through the free data access API, and once the account is found there, the user is automatically alerted. This function was only a notification system at the time, and the user would only be alerted when the user’s visit malicious had been stolen.

Now Mozilla is integrating HIBP’s full service into the auxiliary website Firefox Monitor. The cooperation between the two parties allows the user to check if his account has been exposed to the known data leakage by entering the email address. If it appears in the database, Firefox Monitor will know how much exposure has been learned and provide suggestions.

At present, the system is still in the planning and testing stage. Mozilla is working with HIBP and Cloudflare to create an anonymous data sharing method to ensure that each user’s privacy is properly protected. Firefox Monitor is expected to be the first to open in the United States next week, with the first batch of approximately 250,000 users. If successful, it will be further open to all Firefox users.

Source, Image: Mozilla