Google Translate offline translation is more accurate with NMT technology

In a blog post published today, Google Translate has introduced Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology for offline translation in today’s update, which is currently deployed on mobile devices.

In general, users need to be connected to use Google Translate, and users can now obtain a certain degree of off-line translation. When the mobile phone is in flight mode or offline, the NMT technology can bring better translation results. Google said that even if users do not have a network, they can get high-quality translation results. This is undoubtedly good news for users who travel frequently abroad because not all countries and regions have a stable and high-speed Internet environment.

The company said that the capacity of each language pack for offline translation is between 35MB and 45MB, which means it will not consume too much traffic for offline use. At present, this function has been launched for Android and iOS applications.

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