Microsoft: our patches are “simple and predictable”, “agile ” and “transparent”

After the release of Windows 10, Microsoft began to shift to a software-as-a-service model, with monthly security updates updated every six months. However, Microsoft’s frequent updates have not brought a comfortable experience to all users. In fact, Microsoft’s update has caused trouble for many people, especially those who use old computers.
January Patch Tuesday
As a result, Microsoft’s official blog published an article saying that its patch is simple, qualified, and consistent. Microsoft’s John Wilcox noted its update service principle is “simple and predictable,” “agile ” and “transparent,” and Microsoft predicts that IT managers should be able to cope with patch issues.

“We use the following principles for the monthly Windows servicing process:

  • Be simple and predictable. IT managers should be able to plan for a simple, regular and consistent patching cadence. You shouldn’t need to stop what you’re doing to test and deploy an update. You should be able to plan a time, well in advance, to work on new updates. You also shouldn’t have to memorize multiple release schedules; the Windows release cadence should align with that of other Microsoft products.
  • Be agile. In today’s security landscape, we must be able to respond to threats quickly when required. We should also provide you with updates quickly without compromising quality or compatibility.
  • Be transparent. To simplify the deployment of Windows 10 in large enterprises or small businesses, you should have access to as much information as you need, and you should be able to understand and prepare for updates in advance. This includes guides for common servicing tools, simple release notes, and access to assistance or a feedback system to provide input.”