Microsoft will launch Windows 10 Enterprise for Remote Sessions

As early as a few months ago, there was news that Microsoft was developing a Windows 10 multi-session version that allowed enterprise users to connect and provide remote desktops at the same time.

A new version of the name is currently available in the Windows 10 RS5 Beta image, and up to 10 people can be connected online at the same time after the image is installed.

Windows 10 Enterprise for Remote Sessions

The new version supports remote sessions and supports UWP and regular desktop programs, allowing users to connect to remote session versions directly through the Remote Desktop feature.

The first thing to emphasize is that this is not a Windows Server server version and therefore there are no restrictions, and users are free to run any program.

Simply put, this is similar to a remote server and provides users with rich desktop features, and can support up to 10 people to connect to the remote session version at the same time.


So what exactly does the new version do:

The new version is mainly for enterprise users, so it is required to open a remote version at an additional cost. After the user connects, the independent resource space can be allocated according to the username.

Therefore, the most significant position of the new version may be the risk of infection and storage for the enterprise users with higher security through remote release.

However, Microsoft has not officially introduced the functions and specific applications of the remote session special edition, so it can only be known until the release in October.