Opera 54 releases: news articles on Speed Dial

Opera Software officially released Opera 54.0, which is now open for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. This version mainly adds two functions: first allows users to set custom news feeds on the speed dial interface; second is to more easily restore browsing and settings through the new Update & Recovery option.


Users can access the new “Update & Recovery ” option via the Opera main menu. The Update button will access Opera> About Opera to see if there is a new version. The new Recovery feature offers two reset options, including “Keep my data and only reset Opera settings” and “Reset all your data and Opera settings“. The former reverts to the default settings without deleting anything, while the latter delete your Internet history, saved passwords, bookmarks, extensions, and cookies.


Another noteworthy new feature of the Opera 54 web browser is the display of the latest news and headlines on the Speed Dial page. This new feature can recommend the most popular news headlines based on the user’s location and language, showing approximately 50 news items.