rayder: A lightweight tool for orchestrating and organizing your command-line workflows


Rayder is a command-line tool designed to simplify the orchestration and execution of workflows. It allows you to define a series of modules in a YAML file, each consisting of commands to be executed. Rayder helps you automate complex processes, making it easy to streamline repetitive modules and execute them parallelly if the commands do not depend on each other.

Rayder Workflows

Category Workflow Description Placeholder(s) Dependencies
Recon generate-dns-wordlist.yaml Generate custom DNS Bruteforce wordlist for a domain {{DOMAIN}}, {{OUTPUT_DIR}} subfinderdnsgen
Scanning open-redirect.yaml Scan for Open Redirect vulnerabilities in params found in web archive for a domain {{DOMAIN}}, {{OUTPUT_DIR}} ParamspiderOpenredirex
Scanning xss-wayback.yaml Discover potential XSS vulnerabilities on the URLs stored in Wayback archive for a domain {{DOMAIN}}, {{OUTPUT_DIR}} waybackurlsqsreplacehttpx
Recon check-alive-ips.yaml Check alive IPs (port 80, 443) for a file containing target IP addresses or ranges {{TARGETS_FILE}}, {{OUTPUT_DIR}}, {{RATE}} masscan
Scanning header-brute.yaml Brute force HTTP headers on a list of URLs {{URLS_FILE}}, {{HEADERS_FILE}}, {{OUTPUT_DIR}} headerpwn
Recon mutate-subdomains-radamsa.yaml Mutate subdomains of a domain using radamsa and resolve using massdns {{DOMAIN}}, {{OUTPUT_DIR}} massdnsradamsagetresolverssubfinder
Scanning crlf-scan.yaml Scan for CRLF vulnerabilities in subdomains of a domain {{DOMAIN}}, {{OUTPUT_DIR}} subfinderhttpxcrlfuzz

Install & Use

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