repo-supervisor v2.0.1 releases: Scan your code for security misconfiguration, search for passwords and secrets


A serverless tool that detects secrets and passwords in your pull requests – one file at a time.


It happens sometimes that you can commit secrets or passwords to your repository by accident. The recommended best practice is not commit the secrets, that’s obvious. But not always that obvious when you have a big merge waiting to be reviewed.

This tool allows you to set up a webhook that waits for the Pull Requests and scans all interesting files to check for leaked secrets. Every time PR is updated it rescans the latest changes and generates a report.

Both acknowledge and rejection actions are triggering Slack notification which allows to whether to improve or fix secrets detection rules.

Acknowledge report (YES): Approve that report as valid, detected strings are actual secrets.

Reject report (NO): Reject report, detected secrets are not credentials but only object identifiers, messages or other not related strings. It will help to improve the false-positives ratio.

Security checks

Tool is easily extendable by adding new filter and parsers for a specific format, for now we support json and js parsing.

  • Entropy Meter – measures the level of entropy for extracted strings. The higher the entropy the higher probability of detecting a secret/password.

Changelog v2.0.1

🐛 Bug fixes:

  • Upgrade vulnerable dependencies (#28)
  • Replace deprecated parameter name for listing files from PR number -> pull_number
  • Fix missing parameter for the npm installation npm install --no-optional

Download & Usage

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