rtty v6.6.1 releases: Access your terminal behind a NAT or firewall over the web


Access your terminal behind a NAT or firewall over the web-based on your terminal’s macaddr.

It is composed of the client and the server. The server is written in go language and uses the vue+iview. You can access any of your terminals through a web browser based on the device ID you set(If the ID is not set, the MAC address of the device is used).

rtty is very suitable for remote maintenance your or your company’s thousands of Linux devices deployed around the world.

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For your security, it is strongly recommended that you use SSL


  • Simple to deploy and easy to use
  • Access different devices based on device ID
  • Provide a dashboard to visualize online devices
  • Fully-featured terminal based on Xterm.js
  • Support transfer file with lrzsz
  • SSL support: openssl, mbedtls, CyaSSl(wolfssl)
  • Support Execute a command remotely
  • The client is very small, suitable for embedded Linux: rtty(24K) + libev(48.5K) + libuwsc(24K) + libwolfssl(595.9K) = 692.4K

Changelog v6.6.1

  • 479d630 luci: support configure token

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