GhostInTheChaos: Chaotic Crypto Stealth VPN for Anonymity


Chaotic Crypto Stealth VPN for Anonymity and Untraceable Hacking Attacks with Linux and Android.


  • Protects client from sniffing and tracing
  • Protects server from attacks and scanning
  • Bypasses censorship and network filtering
  • Transparent
  • Cross-platform
  • Minimalistic


  • If using an anonymity option (2nd server) the speed will be greatly reduced (to prevent abuse)
  • You should use a domain name for the 1rst server to increase firewall bypass probability
  • Traffic still can be identified and hence blocked using timing analysis
  • Server still can be scanned, so you shouldn’t rely only on “security by obscurity”

How it works & Analysis

See this blog for research details.

Download && Tutorial

Copyright (c) 2018 Maksym Zaitsev