patoolkit: collection of traffic analysis plugins focused on security

PA Toolkit (Pentester Academy Wireshark Toolkit)

PA Toolkit is a collection of traffic analysis plugins to extend the functionality of Wireshark from a micro-analysis tool and protocol dissector to the macro analyzer and threat hunter. PA Toolkit contains plugins (both dissectors and taps) covering various scenarios for multiple protocols, including:

  • WiFi (WiFi network summary, Detecting beacon, deauth floods etc.)
  • HTTP (Listing all visited websites, downloaded files)
  • HTTPS (Listing all websites opened on HTTPS)
  • ARP (MAC-IP table, Detect MAC spoofing and ARP poisoning)
  • DNS (Listing DNS servers used and DNS resolution, Detecting DNS Tunnels)

The project is under active development and more plugins will be added in near future.



git clone

  1. Copy the “plugins” directory to Wireshark plugins directory.
  2. Start Wireshark. 🙂

One can get the location of Wireshark plugins directory by checking Help > About Wireshark > Folders

PA Toolkit after installation

List of websites visited over HTTP

Search functionality

Domain to IP mappings


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