sdrtrunk v0.4.0 Alpha 9 releases: decoding, monitoring, recording and streaming trunked mobile


A cross-platform Java application for decoding, monitoring, recording and streaming trunked mobile and related radio protocols using Software Defined Radios (SDR).


SDRtrunk is an integrated application for demodulating radio signals and decoding trunked radio network protocols and some related radio signal formats. The application does NOT require a discriminator tapped scanner and it does NOT require the use of audio piping applications like Virtual Audio Cable. All connections between the tuner or sound card and the decoders are provided by the sdrtrunk application.

SDRTrunk uses channel definitions to configure and set up each demodulation and decoder processing sequence. In order to successfully decode radio signals, each channel configuration requires:

  • Source – specifies where to get the radio samples from (tuner or sound card)
  • Decoder – which demodulator or decoder to use in processing the source samples

Each channel definition allows you to optionally configure:

  • Aux Decoder – additional in-band audio digital signal protocol decoding
  • Logging – log decoded messages or events
  • Recording – record audio calls or digitized baseband samples

The SDRTrunk application is programmed in Java and can run on any computer where Java is supported for the operating system and where the computer hardware (processor/memory) is sufficient for the processing workload.

Changelog v0.4.0 Alpha 9

Enhancements/Issues Resolved

#39 Polyphase Channelizer implementation
#54 Update all decoders to support variable sample rate (targeting 25.0 – 35.0 kHz)
#96 Ability to enable/disable Spectrum/Waterfall processing
#170 Add support for Airspy Mini 3/6 MHz and Airspy 2.5MHz sample rates
#318 Update DFT Processor for non-blocking, efficient buffer processing
#320 R820T Tuner Mixer Gain labels
#366 Orderly application shutdown and release of tuner resources
#364 P25 decoder PLL should lock faster
#370 Tuner Editor should reflect the locked state of currently selected tuner.
#372 Broadcastify/Icecast 2.3 streaming reconnect and metadata updates
#373 R820T Tuner Auto-PPM Correction and Measured Frequency Error Display
#374 R820T Tuner doesn’t support 2.88 / 1.44 MHz sample rates
#375 P25 Decoder doesn’t work (as good as release 3.4.x)
#377 NPE exception in P25 Trellis Decoder
#381 RTL2832 Tuner choppy audio/spectral display at lower sample rates (< 350 kHz)
#382 RTL2832 Additional sample rate options
#389 Add new ‘ACTIVE’ state to channel decoder
#390 Resolve NPE issue in polyphase output processor


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